Solutions for online insurance

We provide services for full insurance product life-cycle: Policy Issuance and Administration, Insurance Billing Accounting, Claims Management, Insurance Brokerage, Regulatory, Compliance & Statutory Reporting, Document Management.

Self-Service portal for consumers and distribution partners

Customers increasingly prefer to complete transactions via the Internet — whenever and wherever they want — rather than having to make a call or reaching out to a company directly. And since customer experiences are crucial to achieving competitive advantage, having an outstanding self-service portal becomes an utmost priority for any insurance company striving to succeed. A typical self-service portal for insurance consumers includes:

  • Personal and account management;
  • Online Quoting and Enrollment;
  • Insurance Policy information and Policy management;
  • Insurance Certificate Creation and Issuance;
  • Billing information and invoices access;
  • Claims information, from current carrier and previous carriers;
  • Educational course history;
  • Broker agent contact information.

Self-service portal for distribution partners:

  • Broker/Agency Management
  • Policy Production and Management
  • Insurance Certificate Creation/Management
  • Accounting
  • Prospecting / Marketing / Eligibility Verification
  • Educational Resources
  • Risk Management Reporting
  • Claims Management and Compliance
  • Communication & Notification Engine

Moreover, a portal can be a platform for displaying the specific topics of expertise relevant to customers that will help them to learn about company’s product inside out and allow them to make informed choices. A key strategy to develop long term customer loyalty as well as generate new sales is producing the following content:

  • Company generated relevant articles;
  • Explanations of products (through step-by-step guides and how-to videos);
  • Online FAQs to enable self-service and self-learning;
  • Self-assessment quizzes, access to continuing education courses with premium discounts;
  • Links to newsletters (as well as outbound email campaigns to drive users to the portal).

Online forms entry automation

Gathering information from customers is a repetitive activity of paramount importance. A professional company can’t put up with this process being not manageable and flawless. Rather than having employees indirectly initiate service requests via fax, email or phone, it is more convenient and profitable to allow users to complete web-based forms. The advantages of online forms are multifold:

  • Ensuring that customers provide all required information prior to submission;
  • Providing a layer of insurance eligibility data validation based on business rules that are formed by legal regulations, company policy, etc., prior to submission;
  • Immediate digital transmission of information and case creation.

Typical range of insurance online forms includes:

  • policy application forms for different lines of business and insurance products;
  • policy adjustments, claims and various sorts of supplemental forms;
  • taking into account state-specific effective date driven form versions

Business process automation

  • As insurance activities are becoming automated, there is a growing demand for web development teams with relevant expertise in the sphere. We help companies automate their heterogeneous interdependent workflows and ensure that the full potential of the automated system – efficiency, reliability, safe, economic operation – can be fully realized.
  • What you get is the reduced number of routine operations and increase in the process manageability and efficiency that will definitely make your business prosper using the progressive techniques, such as machine learning and neural networks.
  • Automation is one of the biggest challenges in the insurance industry since it has traditionally been such a heavily regulated industry, undergoing very minimal changes during the technology era. But it would be unwise not to take advantage of emerging trends. Business process automation will not only enable your business to hit the trifecta: reduce time, lower cost and improve quality.
  • improve straight through processing for Flow Business

Corporate website development

  • 21st century dictates new rules for system convenience, usability, UI/UX. Why does Apple spend so much time and money on packaging that usually gets quickly thrown into the recycling bin? Why do luxury car companies tune the sound of their doors closing?
  • It’s because we find that minor, seemingly unimportant details can have a disproportionate impact on great design, and can lift a UX from “fine” to “awesome”. Enriching your corporate website with beautifully designed elements not only makes it more usable, but can also triggers positive emotional feelings in your users (like opening that Apple box). Experiencing such emotions means more dopamine is consumed and this literally helps people to become more addicted to your website/application and return to your company.
  • Azati has made strides ahead of its peers by quickly and effectively developing interesting and engaging websites for our clients. The best part about working with us is that we never sacrifice our top-quality standards on any project.

Continuing Education services

  • We bring together the information, services, people, and technology you need, to help you manage the challenges you face – and seize the opportunities.
  • Learning centers – webinars – We can create a virtual workspace with cutting edge tools, vast resources and intuitive apps for the practitioners.
  • Continuing medical education (CME) courses – Offer unparalleled training, continuing education, and information resource that is online and available 24 hours a day!
  • Practitioner risk assessment + premium discounts – A risk assessment will protect your workers and your business complying with law. As for when to do a risk assessment it should simply be conducted before you or any other employees conduct some work which presents a risk of injury or ill-health.

CRM implementation

  • Customer satisfaction will always be the most important goal of any business. CRM software will give you insights into running your business, the information you need in a way that you can use it, a solution to simplify your processes.

Why choose Azati

We understand the insurance industry and how to make the automation for you. Our customised solutions are designed with your challenges and objectives in mind by a team that’s dedicated to delivering a superior level of service and software.

We can work with all enterprises, large or small, to solve all your challenges. To start creating your solution today, contact our team with an outline of your needs.