Choose the Right Technology
for your Software Project

choose the right technology for your project
When you plan a product, you want to start with a reliable foundation. Every software development technology has strengths and weaknesses. Wrong choice can lead to slower development and budget overrun. Wise choice will help make your product successful.

Please consider the following issues when making a technology choice. If you decide to share your current state of things with us and you need a technology advice – submit your answers and we will contact you back and provide you with a free consultation.


1. Use technologies that fit your company.
Are you a cool startup? Do you have a stable infrastructure and experience with certain technologies? What kind of technology standards do you want your development team to have?


2. Are you working on a unique technical project?
Various technologies can be used to implement most of the software development projects. Some projects are better implemented with specific technology combinations. What is you innovation: technology or other subject area?


3. Have someone inspired you with a technology decision? Be careful simply coping other companies technology decisions.


4. Are you remaining flexible? If you are working on proof of concept prototype, realize that the final result might be not exactly what you planned. May sure your technology does not limit your project at least for one year forward.


5. Are you experiencing lack of expertise? Consider the level of your development team.


6. Is performance very important for you now? Are you testing new markets or scaling an established business?


7. Going mobile? Do you need support for as many mobile platforms as possible from start?


8. Are you aware of maintenance and long term technology costs? Find out licensing fees, developer program memberships, support, hosting, etc.


9. Save time on using existing frameworks, open-source solutions or other 3d party code. These save months of work.


10. Know your risks. These can be technical (performance, UI, 3d party systems, development team level) and non-technical (marketing, collection, user training). Consider them from the beginning.


11. Get a consultation from top developers who worked on a variety of projects and have experience with multiple technologies. Only they can provide quality answers to technology choice questions.

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